Thursday, July 07, 2005


Segway Owner Fined $90 --- First in Canada

Reference and Osprey News Network
Wednesday, July 6, 2005 Updated at 11:38 PM EDT
Canadian Press
Niagara Falls, Ont. — "In what is believed to be a Canadian first, a Niagara Falls real estate agent has been ticketed and fined for driving a two-wheeled battery-powered scooter on a public street.
Pierre Lefeuvre, 54, made headlines last fall after he was charged with failing to have a licence and insurance for riding his Segway Human Transporter along a city street.
Mr. Lefeuvre took his battle to provincial offences court Wednesday, claiming the high-tech gadget that can move at speeds up to 20 kilometres an hour, isn't a motor vehicle, and thereby didn't require a licence or insurance.
Justice of the peace Santino Spadafora dismissed his claim, saying Segways fall under the Highway Traffic Act's definition of a motor vehicle and that police were justified in filing the charges.
“They are motor vehicles and subject to the laws under the Highway Traffic Act,” Justice Spadafora said, before imposing a $90 fine for failing to have a licence plate on the vehicle.
Charges of failing to have insurance and making an improper left turn were stayed."

Fortunate the insurance and improper left turn issue were stayed because the original charges were for $8000:


In Summary: Segways do not belong on the sidewalk because they are motorized and because they do not meet Ontario's equipment safety standards for on-road use. They can only be operated where the MofT acts do not apply such as on private property!!!!

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